How to Brush and Floss with braces

How to floss with braces

  1. Insert floss behind archwire
  2. Gently clean sides of teeth and under gums with and up and down motion
  3. Floss between ALL teeth, at least once a day

how to brush and floss with braces

Our Smile Swag Kit, which includes an electric toothbrush, can make brushing and flossing a breeze, watch this video for tips!

How to brush your teeth with braces

how to brush with braces on the left side
Start on the right side

Using a soft toothbrush, start brushing on the upper right side. Brush above and below the braces, using a circular motion. 

Slowly work your toothbrush toward your front teeth and over to the left side. Then brush the insides and biting surfaces. It’s important to take your time!

Toothbrushes with soft bristles are better to use when having braces, than medium or hard bristles. When using a soft bristle toothbrush it’s easier to get into those nooks and crannies around the appliances. Another benefit is that they also don’t irritate your gums.

how to brush with braces
Move to the left side

Moving on to the right side, brush the outside of the lower teeth. Use a circular motion and brush above and below the braces until the teeth and braces are sparkling clean. 

Then work the brush slowly toward the front and left side. Finally brush the insides and tops of your teeth. 

Try to brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. It’s important to brush your teeth after every meal in order to make sure there’s no food trapped in or around braces. If you are not able to brush after lunch, at least rinse your mouth with water very thoroughly.

After Braces

Excellent Brushing and flossing

Poor Brushing and flossing

Please continue to visit your dentist while in braces

Four things that can help shorten your time in braces and orthodontic treatment

    1. Keeping your orthodontic appointments and being on time. Every missed appointment can potentially lengthen your treatment time to about a month.
    2. Taking good care of your appliances, not breaking them. Broken appliances can stop or reverse any progress to your orthodontic treatment. If you participate in any contact sports, please wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and braces. Damage to any appliances can result in additional appointments during school or work hours.
    3. Wear your elastics and appliances as instructed. In order for the proper movement of your teeth, it’s important to follow your orthodontist’ instructions.
    4. Keep your teeth and braces clean. We want all efforts to be focused on designing your new smile, not on unhealthy teeth and gums. Clean teeth with healthy gums move faster.

Please follow these directions on how to brush and floss with braces so that you get a smile that will last a lifetime.

Example of excellent brushing and flossing while in braces

excellent brushing and flossing while in braces

Beautiful final result with braces off

beautiful final result after braces off

Example of poor brushing and flossing while in braces

poor brushing and flossing while in braces

White spots and swollen gums

Unhealthy gums by plaque buildup

unhealthy gums caused by plaque buildup

Decalcification from poor brushing while in braces

decalcification caused by poor brushing

Click here for Emergency care instructions for your braces

If you’re experiencing pain or a bracket is loose or broken, please call during office hours. It’s always better not to wait until your next scheduled appointment. Put any piece in a ziplock bag or sealed envelope and then bring it with you at your appointment.

You can also request a virtual consultation during after hours.