Orthodontic Growth Modification

orthodontic growth modification

Orthodontic Growth Modification

Orthodontic growth modification is part of the first phase of a two-stage orthodontic treatment. This treatment is used to correct or prevent a bad bite (malocclusion). There is an optimal age to begin jaw growth modification. Although an orthodontist can straighten teeth at any age, it is best to complete growth modification when the patient is still growing. By using orthodontic appliances we are able to take advantage of their growing years to guide the jawbone to the proper formation. We use various appliances to change the shape, position, width, or length of the jawbone(s).

You can find out more about what appliances are used here.

In order to determine the ideal time to start growth modification treatment, we need to determine the stage of growth of the jaws. The ideal age varies from patient to patient, during your free orthodontic consultation we will evaluate whether the jaw bones align in an overbite or an underbite.

Jaw misalignment can be corrected as an adult, although it will likely need to be fixed through surgery.

In this article Dr J explains the benefits of starting early with your child’s orthodontics.

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