How it All Began

The story of our love for great smiles begins in an unlikely place: two brothers playing video games. 

One evening in 1993, an epic round of Street Fighter amidst sibling rivalry, ended in a surprising upset. A 7 year old had just soundly defeated his 12 year old brother at his own video game! A hurt teen ego led to a smack on the back of the little boy’s head, harder than anticipated, with the front of the head making a bee-line for the corner of the coffee table. Tooth met wood, then shattered, painfully exposing a nerve.

Shame and shock led to the older brother’s guilt, promising gifts for years to come if the little one could just never smile again, so their parents don’t find out.

As you can guess, the promise didn’t last.

This, perhaps, is a story more common than most siblings would admit.

The brothers didn’t come from a wealthy family, lacking access to a trained dentist, there was no quick tooth repair. The tooth remained broken, and the younger boy hid his fractured smile for years.

Little did these brothers know that this story would lead to the founding of this clinic.

The remorseful big brother wanted to see his brother smile with confidence again. From that moment in 1993 and through his years of schooling and training, he remained focused until his craft gave him the opportunity to not only bring back his brother’s smile, but to enhance it.


Brush n Brace is more than a dental office. It’s a unique space, improving the lives of future adults through the the life changing power of the smile.  


Why We Smile

In ancient days when caves were the primary homes of human, when creatures the size of tanks wandered the earth, there was a boy with eyes as curious as his soul.

caveman drawings5His home often felt like a prison to fear, for outside the safety of the stone cave, dragons and monsters lurked, turning his nights into trapped days and long years.

Until one evening when he discovered a power hidden within his curved lips to the sky. A smile.

caveman drawings1

He had discovered a smile. A simple act – joy and confidence – that burned his soul with a sense of strength more powerful than fire.

Fear was no longer an obstacle and home no longer a prison as with his smile, he had the power to tame the wind and make even giants bow. So he left the cave, armed with courage, curiosity and his smile, determined to see the wonder of the world, full of dragons or not.

caveman drawings2

This boy, who lived in the times of dragons, smiles and other magic things, still lives on today.  He is within the boy who founded this Brush n Brace, and also the person you see in the mirror. Each of us ready to face today’s demons with that boy’s ancient secret:



  • You can replace a lost phone, but lost teeth? They’re gone for good. Brush and eat right to keep them connected for life.

  • Smile, snap, post. Your 32 teeth will always fit into 140 characters.

  • Apples – they’re not just for iPhones. Snack on fruit and good-for-you foods to keep your smile fully charged.

  • Show a smile. It’s the ultimate you do you.

  • Want the ‘tooth?’ A healthy smile makes you beautiful!

  • Bothered by your braces? Brace yourself -- they’re temporary, but hard-wired to boost your look for life.

  • Teeth cleaning vs. cleaning your room – which is easier? Teeth cleaning -- duh. It only happens twice a year, and the dentist does all the work.

  • Snap an Instagram selfie. Show your stuff on Snapchat. Slide into a smile first -- it’s easy, not cheesy.

  • Dance like nobody is watching. Live like you mean it. Brush like the Tooth Fairy pays in Benjamins.

  • Down about visiting the dentist? Remember – it’s shorter than the SAT – and less painful.

  • Tooth be told, your smile makes you shine. Treat it like gold!

  • Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Peet’s – sip in moderation for a stain-free smile that can’t be beat!

  • You’re never fully dressed without a smile. So… don’t run around naked.

  • The best part about visiting the dentist? When you get your license, you can drive yourself to appointments!

  • Your smile – share it like a viral video. No Wi-Fi required.

  • Care for your teeth so you can keep them -- avoid FOMO because of your mouth.

  • Brushing – don’t brush it off. Do it twice a day the right way.

  • Everybody loves a bright smile, and that’s the tooth!

  • What’s the best way to brighten your selfie? Simply say cheese.

  • Smile -- it's the best kind of bling.

  • #happy #joy #life #youth #laughter #fun #glee #memories... #SMILE

  • Having a bad day? Smile -- Make your mood catch up to your face!

  • Wanna cure a bad day? Smile! It makes it harder for others to tell that deep down, they secretly annoy you.

  • Smile. It makes every Instagram selfie complete. No filter needed.

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