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Preventative Care

Our top priority is in keeping you healthy. One of the most common disease is dental caries, it is seven times more prevalent than asthma. And the best way to avoid dental caries is through preventative care. We provide the highest quality of dental preventative care and instruction so that you can stay healthy.

Routine checkup appointments

Routine checkup or “Recare” appointments are so much more than just a regular cleaning. We use every recare visit as an opportunity to educate and reinforce the importance of oral health.


Sealants are an important part of preventative care. They help to protect the grooves and pits of your teeth. They work especially well on the surfaces of the back teeth that you use for chewing. That is where the majority of decay is occurs. They are made of a clear plastic resin. The procedure can usually be performed comfortably and quickly in one visit. When applying the sealant, the tooth will be cleaned, dried and then the sealant will be painted onto the tooth enamel, where it bonds directly to the tooth and then hardened under a special light. It is highly unlikely that there will be any sensitivity after placing the sealant on the tooth.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that you can find in various foods and water. When you use fluoride in the correct amounts and on a regular basis it helps to prevent dental caries. Fluoride strengthens the enamel to keep it strong it also helps in the “remineralization” of areas that have been weakened and which are often the start of a cavity. You can also find fluoride in many dental products, such as toothpaste, gels, mouth rinse, supplements and varnish. It has been indicated by new research that topical fluoride is an important element in fighting tooth decay and in strengthening teeth.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are an important part of prevention. Imagine if you were to suddenly lose one or two of your teeth, everything from talking, smiling and eating would be affected.

When it comes to protecting your mouth, a mouth guard should be an essential part of a teen’s athletic gear. They can prevent serious dental injuries to active teens.

If you have bruxism (persistent grinding) and other habits such as clenching your jaw, a mouth guard or “night guard” can offer protection. We will evaluate during your routine checkup if one is needed.

Restorative Care

We utilize only the latest technology and techniques for our treatment procedures. There have been many advances to the dental world, in the forms of dental tools, anesthesia, behavior management techniques, and medications. Our staff is trained to coach you through all procedures and to make the visit as painless and smooth as possible.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the most common dental procedures:

Resin Fillings

We use tooth colored resin fillings along with local anesthesia to fill most cavities. At time of procedure, we will use a rubber dam to enable your airway to be protected and to ensure the strongest restoration of the tooth. There are times where we utilize silver or other types of fillings when needed.


When a tooth is severely affected by a cavity, showing significant tooth structure damage, we use crowns, since filling material will not be effective in repairing the tooth. There are a variety of crowns that we offer depending on where the cavity is located. For cavities that are located on the front teeth we have silver crowns with a white facing or white crowns. We decide which crown to use depending on the extent of the cavity and the patient’s bite. For the back molars we mainly use stainless steel crowns.

Treatment of Nerve

Toothaches usually reflect a very large cavity which normally means that there is infection and/or nerve irritation. When a nerve has been affected by a cavity, we need to clean the part of the nerve that is infected. We place antibacterial medicine on the nerve structure and then place a filling to protect the nerve. When a tooth requires nerve treatment it causes the tooth to be weakened and a crown must be placed in order to protect the tooth.

Cosmetic & Elective

First impressions are always important, as a teenager your appearance means a great deal. Your self-esteem and confidence is an important factor in your daily life. Cosmetic dentistry has been redefined and plays an important role in altering the appearance of your teeth and giving you that smile that you have always dreamed of.

Technology has advanced where we are able to create natural-looking tooth colored dental materials that are a lot more durable and cost-effective than in years past. We utilize only the highest quality equipment ensuring that the cosmetic dental procedures are comfortable and convenient for our patients, which also helps reduce recovery time.


When a tooth has been fractured, or a tooth is malformed or discolored, we can repair the tooth by utilizing a composite material that is tooth colored.


Teeth whitening is perhaps the most common cosmetic dentistry. Teenagers, especially after braces, desire whiter teeth. We offer at home bleaching kits with custom made trays.

Orthodontic Specialty


Orthodontics is so much more than just getting that perfect smile. Orthodontics also helps to keep your mouth healthy.
We offer a variety of orthodontic services, for more information click below or call our office for your complementary consultation.

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