Dental Restorative Care for Teens

We utilize only the latest technology and techniques for our dental restorative care for teens. There have been many advances to the dental world, in the forms of dental tools, anesthesia, behavior management techniques, and medications. Our staff is trained to coach you through all the procedures and to make the visit as painless and smooth as possible.

Here is a brief explanation of some of our most common dental restorative care for teens:

Resin Fillings

We use tooth colored resin fillings along with local anesthesia to fill most cavities. At the time of the procedure, we will use a rubber dam to enable your airway to be protected and to ensure the strongest restoration of the tooth. There are times where we utilize silver or other types of fillings when needed.

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When a tooth is severely affected by a cavity, showing significant tooth structure damage, we use crowns since filling material will not be effective in repairing the tooth. There are a variety of crowns that we offer depending on where the cavity is located. For cavities that are located on the front teeth, we have silver crowns with a white facing or white crowns. Your doctor will decide which crown to use depending on the extent of the cavity and the patient’s bite. For the back molars, we mainly use stainless steel crowns.

Treatment Of Nerve

Toothaches usually reflect a very large cavity which normally means that there is an infection and/or nerve irritation. When a nerve has been affected by a cavity, we need to clean the part of the nerve that is infected. We place antibacterial medicine on the nerve structure and then place a filling to protect the nerve. When a tooth requires nerve treatment it causes the tooth to be weakened and a crown must be placed in order to protect the tooth.

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